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Canon EOS Rebel T1i

A camera is defined as great when its popularity soars.

Such is the case with the Canon EOS Rebel T1i

The Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera has been such a hot best selling item, that folks have left hundreds of reviews.  This not only indicates the power of the Canon brand, but also the reliability of their products.  So what do folks say about this monster of a digital camera?

First off, over 70% of the reviews are 5 star ratings!  This is a very good figure for such a popular product.  This not only means that consumers like it when they purchase, but it also means that they appreciate the product long after the purchase.

As an example here is one review that was placed after using this extraordinary camera for a week:

The T1i is a bit on the light end, yet the construction still feels solid. For the camera’s price point, you’d be hard pressed to find any digital SLR out there which gives you all the capabilities and growth range of the Canon T1i. The camera is intuitive enough for those new to photography to pick and learn easily, yet configurable enough for advanced amateurs…

Another reviewer tells of his first time experience:

In using the camera, the first thing you’ll notice over the previous Rebels is the marvelous LCD screen…The T1i carries on the tradition of Canon Rebels with a lot of “curbside appeal” matched with solid performance.

All in all, the reviews are solid and the same, one after another, reliability, ease of use,  crystal clear display, a bit heavy or bulky, but a major improvement over previous models, and the competition.

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